Friday, September 28, 2012


The internet here has been iffy, at best. Time along the wine route, La route des vins d'Alsace, is time well spent if you love beautiful scenery and Villages Fleruis, charming villages with lots of flowers.

Not a problem that much of the weather has been gray with intermittent rain; these are cold-weather villages, the kind that seem warm
no matter what. I imagine sitting by a fire in one of the stone houses, cozy, happy, and looking out the window.

I loved Choucroute Garnie before this trip. 


  Now I also love Baeckeoffe.

 We’re renting the second story of a home in one of the towns along the wine route. Here's the back.

The owner leaves us fresh grapes, on our steps.


 Each morning I walk a few doors down to the boulangerie for fresh bread. Twice I’ve had a Linzer Tourte. Our kitchen is well stocked, from the local stores.

Here's the beginnings of dinner, a few nights ago, turkey cutlets with mushrooms fried in butter and brandy.

 Back to Paris, tomorrow. 

- PJ

Thursday, September 20, 2012

France 2012

Anyone who read my April 12th post saw what’s necessary to do in our new condo, each time it rains. The leak is now worse, so here’s Tuesday, before leaving for France. Rain controls our lives, and until that roof has been replaced we take no chances when we’re not home.

Arrived in Paris yesterday morning. The skies are nice, the air cool. Here’s yesterday afternoon, in Place Saint-Sulpice.
- PJ

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Winding down

A friend says my posts have become less frequent. Yes. I've placed enough writing samples here for agents needing more than provided in my queries. The agent game is over. Now's the final phase, simply trying to get a few pieces published, in newspapers,  pieces to provide enough credibility to get Half Italian's manuscript read. Four UK newspaper submissions remain.

Allow four weeks for email submissions to be read, then two weeks for follow-up to those submissions. That means I send follow-ups next Monday. Off to France on Tuesday. Once home, two weeks later, I make my final submissions.

- PJ

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Well, there’s not much to report.

No responses, yet, from my submissions to UK newspapers, although I’ll make three more before calling it quits on that avenue. I reached out to a cousin, living in London, for her thoughts.

Work goes quite well, actually, although a permanent note remains, and will, from last December’s sting.

Off to France on the 18th; Paris, and then Alsace. If I haven’t heard from my cousin in London before departure, both my final submissions and I’ll take direction: my submissions to UK travel editors and me to France.

Hopefully, both won’t fly into oblivion.

- PJ