Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lots of living

Crazy year. I was sick, off and on, until summer, from respiratory to digestive. Probably the stress of my family situation, my leaky roof, and last December's sting at work caught up with me. Oral surgery is next, this Friday.

Lots of trips, this year: La Jolla, New Mexico, France, Northern California, and possibly Vancouver.

Crazy weather. Not a typical California summer, we’ve had June gloom, perfect skies, June gloom again, winds, rain, a humid heat wave, and now morning June gloom again.

No luck, yet, on my newspaper submissions. If the US newspapers don't bite, I’ll try the UK, perhaps there’s more interest in articles on France there. After that, I’m done.

So there’s lots going on. At least it’s a full year, if it’s to be my last one to attempt getting published.

- PJ