Saturday, January 7, 2012

Use Time Wisely

This will be the year I make progress with Half Italian, or stop, including this blog. All depends on my Travelers’ Tales submissions and anything that may come up before I learn their outcome.

Last week, one of the principals from Half Italian, my uncle, spent a few days in the hospital. A post-publication whimsy for me is to introduce some of my Italian family from the book to an interested reader or two. For now, my uncle is fine and staying with Carlin but his hospital stay is a reminder that time is always limited.

I think of a beloved Monsignor, the only Catholic priest I ever met with a combination of true class, practical sensibilities, business and people skills. He’s retired, but probably saying Mass as I write this. My only contact with the troubled Roman Catholic church is limited to this fine man, who used to say, “Use time wisely.” He left the rest to us.

Of this I remind myself, as 2012 begins. Use time wisely.

- PJ

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