Friday, January 13, 2012

Dark. Light.

I’ve been putting off writing this post. My year has started mixed.

Defend the offender, not the victim. The fearful perceive power in those who are offensive.

Christmas day was magic: mid-eighties, beautiful skies, late-morning service made even better by having attended candlelight service the evening before, at a friend’s request. Standing in the sunshine after, one woman considered an afternoon hike with her family, in Fryman Canyon.

Two people, opposites in nearly every way, impose hostility. They don’t know each other, never will. Strict adherence to fundamentalist religion is their only relation. I go to church, so I’m “right,” they say. They’d like to take me down, kill a part of me they don’t like. Religion at its worst can unify even these two, from different denominations.

The holidays were warm, but nights cool, so how welcome was that fireplace on New Years’ Eve, spent with new friends. January 1st was a repeat of the summer-like Christmas, just a week earlier. Next day, I walked to a movie, “The Artist,” in shorts and t-shirt.

Search not for truth, just win the game – money is worth more than people.

What a double-edge sword human behavior is; we can both create and corrupt.

Dark days, but don’t lose track of the good. Use time wisely. Spend it with those who care.

- PJ


Dianne said...

Sounds like 2012 is having a mixed beginning for you. Holding lots of good thoughts and hoping the light will outshine the dark very soon.

I've been getting lots of quilting done trying to finish up a quilt top for Greg before we leave for Oakland on Friday. My eyeballs are spinning!

PJ said...

People like you are definitely part of the light!