Monday, December 27, 2010

Me: 4/8, Dallas: 5-10. Anticipating a visit with my Italian family.

Tomorrow I’m going to visit my beloved, crazy cousin Carlin and my uncle.* Carlin emigrated from Italy in the 1950s and has been a source of fun my entire life. Her 80th birthday a few weeks ago did nothing to diminish her energy, enthusiasm for living, or her accent. Her voice is the same as I remember since I was a child – high-pitched and so full of excitement that it sometimes cracks.

Last time I visited, my uncle had recently renewed his driver license. During my visit we realized he’d been issued an “ID card” rather than official “driver license.” He was concerned, but there was nothing he could do since it was Friday and the DMV was closed. Carlin came to his rescue, saying (with heavy accent) “Don’t worry, you can borrow my car, it will take you wherever you tell it to go!” My uncle and I were silent for a moment, wondering who’d speak first. Finally he said, “Like, your car has something mine doesn’t?” Carlin was aghast, realizing she’d confused the “license on the car” with the “license on the driver.” Comic relief assisted through the weekend and the matter was easily resolved. What’ll it be this time? As I said in my first two posts last July, the humor in Half Italian is…..unique. And my family is the living source.

One more game for Dallas. Four more responses for me. Any agents interested? Four chances remaining.

- PJ

*See 7/13 post.

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