Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Little by Little, Once Again

60% of my snail mail query material is printed. I was definitely the hare on Saturday; I didn't expect to get that printing done, along with proofreading.

It's my workweek pace, once again.

One of my cousins in Italy loved to read as a little girl, but with power conservation during WWII lights were turned off early in the evenings. Her goal: to purchase a flashlight so she could read in bed at night. She saved her money, little by little, and eventually had enough for a flashlight and batteries. Reading led to another dream: a college education. Her father sold a cow to help pay her expenses. After college, she took a teaching job in a village so high in the Alps that it could only be reached by foot. Her precious flashlight came in handy on her ascents to the village. Teaching led to yet another dream: a life in America. She came to California in 1954, learned English, obtained American teaching credentials, and became a high school teacher. She couldn't have foreseen when she was saving for that flashlight, little by little, that her goals and dreams would truly be realized. A child who dreamed of an education and a life in another country found her way, living and teaching in that country. I adore this cousin, and I call her "Carlin" (pronounced "Car-leen") in the book.

My own weekday bits of progress are what I think about as I drive to and from a job I'm thankful to have. This week I prepare email queries and proofread the remaining 40% of snail mail material.

Little by little.

- PJ

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