Friday, July 23, 2010

Rejections bring consolation

Four rejections already, (to email queries), but all were polite and encouraging.

I've read that people receive nasty rejections, but I've not yet had one. My past rejections range from polite-but-direct to friendly and positive. Several appeared to be original and personal, a welcome response, although I understand the need for those standardized response cards that slip easily into envelopes. One rejection included a compliment, saying I have a flair for storytelling. One agent wanted to see more, although not the entire manuscript. Most have encouraged me to continue.

Today was a discouraging day at work. Rumors of decreases in headcount also decrease morale but you'd better smile the whole time, etc. A prior response to expense-cutting: decrease the emptying of trash from 5 days per week to 3. Prior headcount cuts, however, meant that those lucky enough to eat lunch had it at their desks. That required the use of trash cans, and after 48 hours that setup stunk, literally.

My mood, with regard to my job, is down enough that the words of encouragement in today's rejections are a consolation.

The Los Angeles heat wave is over. My air conditioning is off, my window once again open. I'm looking out at my little Tuscany, sipping a bourbon on the rocks. I'll try to sleep in tomorrow.

- PJ

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Dianne said...

Oh, boy, Joe, that brings me back to my SYBEX Computer Books days...we got many, many unsolicited manuscripts every year, and they came to me first. I cringe to think of all the rejection letters I had to send.

Still, is sounds like some of those you are receiving contain enough encouragement to keep you going. It's just SUCH a good idea, and you do write so engagingly, that I feel it's just a matter of time till that positive response arrives.

Hang in there!