Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Plan

As an unpublished author and someone who works in finance, not politics or entertainment, I need a platform; therefore, this site. I'm finding this therapeutic, so far.

I've already made a few queries to small publishers. Two replied that they're niche publishers, too small for a mainstream book like Half Italian. I've also queried a few agents. I received a "nibble" from one, a request to see more after the initial query; then, a courteous rejection.

For this round, I've combed again through agents, made my selections, and researched their reputations.

What's next: prepare my query letters, emails, assemble packages, and finally, send them. This step is time-consuming; a healthy job/life balance is required. Since I work full time, and this project must remain separate, I expect this step will take two weeks. (Blogging at work, a reliable internal source tells me, is not only disallowed, but also monitored.)

So my weekly grind is: crunch numbers/budgets/FASB disclosures at work; drive home and tackle this project; and then, unwind with a glass of whiskey. On the rocks, five days a week. Is that the part I find therapeutic?

- PJ

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