Thursday, July 22, 2010


All is sent. All is emailed. As I expected, this last step took two weeks. Researching, selecting, and checking agents' reputations took much longer.

Working full time makes this project more tiring than one might imagine. The loss of just one lunch hour, and the work I could have done during it, causes anxiety. Picking up a birthday cake for a co-worker, I fret over time lost, one increment of "little by little." But this round is finally complete! (And my co-worker loved the cake.)

Now I wait, and reassure myself. Why do I believe in this project? Because I know what I want my reader to feel when reading Half Italian -- and that's just it -- FEEL. Laugh, cry, think. To be left with good thoughts that turn into good actions. Listen more. Conversations these days are often dysfunctional; no one listens. Talking at the same time is not necessarily the same as not listening, many in my Italian family talk at the same time, but somehow they also listen.

I now wait for replies to my queries. I'll listen.

- PJ

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