Friday, July 2, 2010


I'm 53 and live in Los Angeles. I've written my first book, "Half Italian," the story of my Italian family as seen through my eyes.

It's a book about family, for anyone who's ever had a family. It's for anyone who's ever been a kid or had kids. It's for parents and grandparents.

The humor is.....unique at times. Immigrant ways merge with American life from my southern California perspective. Immigrant humor, I've learned, is not necessarily racial humor. My hope is that many people can relate, regardless of nationality, where they were born or have lived.

This site will track my journey to publication. I'm nervous; my heart races as I write this first-ever blog. I'm exposing my life, my feelings, my hopeful successes and inevitable disappointments. I'm vulnerable.

My fear has not stopped me; I believe in this project.

Call me PJ. It's my nickname at work.

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