Saturday, July 17, 2010

Heat wave in My Little Tuscany

Summer came late but fast this year. On Tuesday we got our first heat, and it's record-breaking. Blessed with central air conditioning, proofreading becomes an adventure, something like being inside during a storm.

From my computer, I look out the window at a tree-covered hill that divides Los Angeles from the San Fernando Valley. On that hill is a small area with no trees or brush, only a field of dry grass, punctuated by a few tall cypress trees. I call this my little Tuscany. The grasses that now are dry and brown are, in winter, lush green. Then, it's my little Umbria. I recently shared this with a dinner guest, who said I must have a good imagination. Perhaps. But that imagination, combined with central air conditioning, turns this unpleasant heat wave into an adventure.

Chianti, anyone?

- PJ

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