Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Me: 4/8, Dallas: 5-9

Mid December in Los Angeles often brings wind – cold, dry, and biting. Christmas day is usually high 70s, with clear skies. This year is an exception with regard to the dry wind; we’re in our fourth consecutive day of rain. Not a problem for me, I look out the window and see that my little Tuscany is once again turning into my little Umbria, with its lush green grasses.* The onslaught of water, however, has toppled a tree onto Cahuenga Blvd. in Hollywood. Drama.

Not much to say about the remaining four responses except I’m truly not looking forward to determining my next step, should those responses lead nowhere. And every day that passes seems a reminder that I’m considered nobody in the world of writing. No drama there.

But Christmas approaches and there is magic in the air. I’m grateful.

- PJ

*See 7/17 post.

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