Saturday, September 11, 2010

Responses once again

Labor day weekend has passed. The mornings are suddenly cool and foggy. New season.

I finished Carol Drinkwater's "The Olive Farm," enjoying my daily transports to Provence via this book, particularly her writings on dear Pamela. During a recent heat wave here in Los Angeles I walked to the grocery store one afternoon, looking at spots of shade here and there, picturing Pamela moving from one to the next, seeking the coolest.

My recent queries for Half Italian were a multiple submission, 70% snail mail and 30% email. In the past I've received an SASE response for every hardcopy submission. Nine SASE responses remain. With summer vacation over, responses have started to arrive once again. One agent said he receives over 200 submissions each week. What is everyone writing about? Yikes. I'd love a breakdown by category from just one agent such as that one.

Why am I at peace over my submissions and agents' responses? I truly believe in my book. Here's a picture of the snail mail packages I sent. Make no mistake; many weeks are behind those packages, from researching agents to sealing the envelopes.

What will the next nine responses bring?

- PJ

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