Monday, January 3, 2011

Me: 4/8, Dallas: 6-10. Dallas is done; am I, too?

I wait for the last responses and rack my brain to think of a connection; an author, an agent, a publisher, someone (anyone!) in the profession to provide me with feedback and/or guidance, to no avail. I consulted a writer in the communications department of the company I work for, and he too came up blank: “Yeah, most of the profession, certainly the publishers, is in New York, it seems.” And this is the city, Los Angeles, California. For some, that immediate stereotype suggests faces, bodies, and images are perhaps more valued than printed words.

While brainstorming, I realized there’s more cost-free platform on the internet than just this blog. What about Wikipedia? Yes! A page about this unpublished book, why not!? Encouraged, I read Wikipedia’s guidelines only to learn that an article as such would not meet the notability standard. Half Italian is not notable because it’s not yet made a mark. An article about unpublished work, indeed, has no published references to support it, and blogs don’t count. A vicious circle.

A page on Facebook? No, that’d just redirect viewers to this blog.

There is someone I know, a retired professor. He’s published a few books. Maybe…

- PJ

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