Monday, June 20, 2011

One Year, and…France again?

I ended my 11/16/2010 post with “Until next time, beloved France!”

“Next time” has come sooner than I expected. I wanted to visit Italy this year, the Amalfi coast. I’ve not yet been south of Rome, and I’d hoped to go in May but I didn’t return to work (after surgery on my hand) until late May. Hi-everybody-I’m-back-and-now-I’m-taking-vacation wouldn’t be beneficial to my employment, or my hand, for which I still attend physical therapy, twice weekly.

My friend and travel companion, with whom I traveled to Provence last fall, organized a trip to Paris this October for a group of friends, and piggy-backing this trip better fit my timing. The group will stay only one week, but my friend has enthusiastically agreed to stay on a second week. We’re throwing ideas around now, for that second week – up into Nord & Picardie or down to Bordeaux are two of them.

Past trips to France provided the stories in my recent submissions to Travelers’ Tales. What will it be this year?

- PJ

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