Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Last post

And, here we are. No response, to my Travelers’ Tales submissions. No response, to my U.S. and UK newspaper submissions. Nothing from the agent, my cousin’s acquaintance. Nothing from my cousin in London. And nothing, yet, from the magazine that was to publish a piece, albeit reduced to a reader’s letter.

I’m almost fifty-six. My little Tuscany is disappearing, first one cypress and then another, while other trees grow higher, closing its view. Like that view, disappearing, so are my hopes of getting Half Italian published.

I’ve PERSEVERED, tortoise and hare style, even reaching to the UK. Little by little, here I am, nowhere, as far as getting published. You need to know someone, or be someone; how would editors otherwise pick, with so many submissions? My newspaper queries probably weren’t even read. My last bit of hope remains with Travelers’ Tales, an anthology to be published in 2013.

Half Italian’s permanent home appears to be a shelf in my study. No regrets; I have, on record, a document that saves a precious period of life.

I’ve enjoyed this blog and it’s nurtured hope. But this is my last post, unless there’s success to report. (It would’ve been fun if I’d received just one comment from Russia.)

This truly has been fun. I didn’t need to be so nervous after all.

- PJ

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