Sunday, October 3, 2010

Countdown to France: 0 clicks

Am I ready? Do I have all my prescriptions? I think so -- ear patches to prevent airsickness, anxiety medication for the flight, antibiotic in case of infection. Oh the worries, as I age; so few cares when I was younger. My traveling companion brings homemade physical contraptions to make the flights comfortable: foam rubber to soften the airplane seat, and a device to elevate his legs with cushioning for under his knees. Before leaving he meditates; I medicate. My anxiety is not induced by fear of flying or terrorism; claustrophobia is my nemesis.

One month from today I'll be in Menton; my last day there before returning to Paris, and then, Los Angeles.

For anyone out there reading this, if you're interested, drop by here again because during the trip I'll post a picture, maybe two.

- PJ

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