Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Off to France!

Finally, finally it's time to go. Time perseveres, little by little, but even with co-workers counting the time until departure this wait has felt long. We leave tomorrow, LA to NY to Paris. Some people prefer the "once up once down" benefit of non-stop flights but I find long flights uncomfortable and prefer a stop as close to halfway as possible. Breathe, stretch, unwind; relief for my body and my mind.

Arriving 11:30 Friday morning in Paris, nine hours later than Los Angeles time 2:30 AM which my internal clock will be feeling. I love and prefer the French countryside and the villages, yet I look forward to stepping out of DeGaulle airport to the familiar sound of honking auto horns, that Parisian characteristic that tells me I'm back, a reminder that France isn't going anywhere, the beloved land will always be there.

As I mentioned in the 10/3 posting, I intend to post a picture or two while on the trip so drop by here again if you're interested in seeing a pic of Provence.

- PJ

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