Friday, August 12, 2011

A tip from the French

The French family who visited last July left me with more than good times, wonderful memories, and a great chocolate cake recipe; they introduced me to a vinegar and salt potato chip I've never tried that's out of this world. So I'm passing on the tip. Available at most grocery stores.

- PJ


Dianne said...

It's funny that the French family introduced you to Salt & Vinegar chips. I think it's a British (and colonies) thing...salt and vinegar chips as part of fish and chips is pretty standard fare in the UK and in Australia, and it's made the transition to potato chips, too. I love them, but sometimes they are so strong they make the inside of my mouth peel off! The weird thing to me is the other odd flavors (or flavours, if you're Aussie) of chips here is: chicken-flavoured (yuck!) and lots of chili-something else combos...

PJ said...

I'd actually had S&V chips before but nothing this good.

Strong enough to peel the inside of the mouth...? Hmmm, sounds like something I might have to try!