Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June Gloom

My work requires that I speak to people all over the U.S. and Canada. Yesterday, someone in Quebec told me the temp was 38 degrees, Celsius (about 100 degrees, Fahrenheit) and humid. I’m surprised by how many people in the U.S. haven’t heard of June Gloom, which is now.

June Gloom means gray mornings, clearing somewhat during the daytime, if we’re lucky. But the gray pushes back, late afternoons.

Here’s yesterday afternoon, as June’s Gloom fills the Los Angeles Basin, just over that hill.

It takes longer to reach “the other side of the hill,” the San Fernando Valley, where I live. But here it is, this morning.

 Soon, the days will be clear and sunny, cold June Gloom gone. 

- PJ

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Dianne said...

We've got June Gloom here this morning, too, but I'm hopeful this will burn off soon. We've had stellar days the last week or so. Had a great hike in Palo Alto over the weekend, where it was in the high 80s and gloriously sunny. Next Wednesday it's back to Oz, where it's very chilly...brrrrr!