Saturday, June 9, 2012

Auto-response and France

One auto-email response received; they’ll contact me if they want to publish my submission. If my US options deplete, there’s always UK newspapers and magazines. With France so close, the UK may present greater interest in articles on France.

Speaking of France, opportunity presented itself, in the form of airline seats, using miles, and this morning we booked. Alsace, here we come, in September. This trip will make obsolete the statement I make in Half Italian that I’ve not yet been to Northeast France.

No Amalfi Coast, this year. Flights to Italy seem harder to come by than Paris. No complaints here. 

- PJ

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Dianne said...

Yay, for free airline trips, Joe! We'll be in Europe in September, too. Vienna, I think, and I'm hoping for a side-trip to Stadtschlaining. Germany, probably, and not sure where else yet. Business for Ross, play for me!