Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Italy or not

In my 3/3/2012 post I mention a possible trip to Italy this year, but, so far, no airline seats are available to use miles. In my 1/7/2012post I wrote that this’ll be the year I make progress getting Half Italian published, or lay all attempts to rest, once and for all. Quitting may be the end result, but the pending piece in France magazine slows that thought down, for now.

Not sure whether a trip to Italy is fitting, or not, in this year of “either/or,” but if seats become available, Naples and Amalfi Coast, here I come. 



Dianne said...

Dratted airlines! Why on earth are there no tickets available...seems a little early for summer flights to be booked. I think the airlines are really tightening up on tickets in exchange for miles. Why don't they just abandon the frequent flyer programs if they're not going to fulfill the promise?!!!

PJ said...

No seats to France, either. Or Puerto Vallarta, on a different airline. We're now considering Puerto Rico.