Friday, April 6, 2012

New Mexico

I’m in Ojo Caliente, New Mexico, where I face a day of soaking in hot mineral waters.

Now, though, I type, sitting in bed, while coffee brews and morning sun streams in.
The book signing I mentioned, two posts ago, produced a nice surprise: Ed Mayes, Frances’ husband, was also there, as well as Steven Rothfeld, photographer for a few of her projects. Ed is genuine and outgoing. While Frances signed my eight books, Ed and Steven made me feel at home. Both signed books they’ve been involved with.
Back home after the book signing, I made a submission to France magazine, via website, which now accepts submissions. Then it was off to New Mexico, that evening.
Yesterday, we drove around the Piedra Lumbre area of Abiquiu; one short visit shows why Georgia O’Keeffe remained so long.
And so, surrounded by beauty, I hold good thoughts that perhaps I’ll get a publishing credit this year, a step forward for Half Italian.

- PJ


Dianne said...

Oh, you're KILLING me! I love New Mexico and have not been to Abiquiu yet. One of these days. Santa Fe is a place we fantasize about retiring to one of these days...

Oh, and we both just read a really fun murder mystery set in Santa Fe and Abiquiu: A Dangerous Talent, by a husband and wife team, Aaron and Charlotte Elkins. There's a newly discovered painting by Georgia O'Keeffe, lots of intrigue, and a thrilling drive in a Lamborghini...what's not to like?!!

PJ said...

I, too, have fantasized about retiring here, in a home with lots of open doors, fresh air, and paintings I love.

Today we did a midday hike, then returned and had a mud bath. On to Santa Fe, tomorrow.

Dianne said...

The best thing is -- Santa Fe isn't all that expensive to buy, either. And the architecture is SO gorgeous! Be sure to have breakfast at Cafe Pasqual, and for a special dinner, try La Casa Sena...both just wonderful. The Basilica there is really wonderful, too. SO wish we could join you for a few days!