Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A bit of progress

In my 12/12/2011 post I wrote that new buildings, like the one in which I live, have growing pains. Throw in a builder who cut corners and you have what many of us who live on the top floor have, water coming through our ceiling every time it rains. And rain it did last night – at 2:30 a.m. we were moving furniture, placing plastic sheets, towels, buckets, and taking video. (Last night was supposed to be a good sleep to recover me from the New Mexico trip!)

This morning, I received an email from France magazine saying they’d like to publish my submission. However, since it’ll appear in their letters section, my story will be chopped down to about five hundred words. They’ll do the chopping, and I’ll wait and see how it turns out. Five hundred words published are better than zero. This took away a bit of the leaking-ceiling sting.

Once I see my words in print, I’ll have, and claim, my first official writing credit.

- PJ

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Dianne said...

Hooray! Congrats on the success with France Magazine! Can't wait to see your story in print. You WILL post a pic, won't you?

Hope the ceiling leak is repaired promptly...that is SO annoying! We had a problem with that on the rebuilt house in Oakland after the fire. The skylight kept leaking whenever it rained...turned out to be a flashing problem. Fingers crossed they'll get yours sorted out soon!

In other news, I think Ross and I are getting Round III of The Cold From Hell...NO!!!!!