Saturday, April 21, 2012

Forward with this project

During lunch yesterday, I read someone’s advice on how to write a travel article, badly. I think of an agent who responded to a submission I made by saying I have a flair for storytelling. To date un-published, I note that France magazine accepted my submission, albeit, to be reduced to a letter.

I’m now in “feature vs. letter” mode. I’ll revisit two of my stories, prior magazine submissions, with intent to convert from letter-appropriate to feature-appropriate. The how-to-write-a-bad-travel-article piece was thought-provoking.

My goal? To obtain more publishing credits.


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Dianne said...

Hope the thought-provoking article will result in a resubmission or two that will bear fruit, Joe. Fingers crossed!

We are back in Oz till 23 May. Hope to make a trip to the Southland next trip but not sure yet.

No word from Calvary Cemetery about any death records for Louis. They didn't cash my check yet, though, so maybe it's in process...