Monday, May 21, 2012

Amazon cake

To facilitate my “feature vs. letter” learning, I ordered a travel-writing book from Amazon. All my Amazon purchases have been great experiences, but there’s a first time for everything: the book never arrived.

During the three-week wait between book order and estimated arrival, my interest in learning to prepare red chili sauce increased. An online search took me to but it was this post which hit all my buttons: easy, delicious, and…caramel.

Filing an Amazon claim for merchandise not received stung, so, I made that Flan cake for pleasant distraction. As Jules recommended, I made sure the bain marie water was oven-hot before dropping in the cake pan. Fifty-five minutes later, here it is, just out of the oven.

Here’s one day later, flipped and uncovered.
Here’s a slice.

The flan’s the real thing in both taste and texture, but the overall dish lacks the caramel taste I’d hoped for. Next time I’ll use a better quality cajeta, or make my own caramel sauce.

Current status: no travel-writing book, one Amazon claim, tighter pants.

- PJ

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