Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another year

My first two words on this blog, last July, were “I’m 53….”

Today I’m 54. One more year until I qualify for Denny’s senior menu! If you’re having a local party and you like balloons, check this out: Rudy & Sergio are friendly, good-energy people.

In 10 days I’m off to Puerto Vallarta, a short trip to celebrate an anniversary. Good restaurants, excellent crackers, and majolica are waiting. So am I.

For me, re-evaluation means thinking, considering how I want to spend my future time. I prefer productivity and enjoyment as opposed to throwing myself against a brick wall. No hasty decisions. Like me, waiting for Puerto Vallarta, Half Italian also waits, for a home.

And so do those fleece jackets up at the Goodwill. I wonder how much…?

- PJ

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