Tuesday, February 15, 2011

8/8. Re-evaluation.

Well, the time has come. I waited longer than I said I would, for responses to follow-ups I wrote about in my last post. One rejection arrived a week ago. At least the agent kindly said “grazie” for my submission, in spirit, I assume, for the Italian nature of the book.

No response to the other follow-up; I’ll count that as a rejection.

8/8. Done, with a submission project that began last summer.

Doesn’t anyone want to read the chapter titled “Grandma”?

Patient beyond belief, that’s what I sometimes am. That once paid off, when I was buying a car and wanted 100% financing. Lucky them, I had excellent credit and the loan was quickly granted after my credit check came through.

But how long must I wait? This is 96 agent submissions now.

Platform seems to be a requirement. Platform. The word makes me feel like publishers and agents want to lean on me. Platform means established in some way, perhaps published, a celebrity, someone….but we’re not interested if you’re no one. Can’t fault the agents, they’re just going after what publishers want, and, as I wrote in my 8/20/2010 post, platform means less marketing expense for publishers.

Give up? I believe in this project and I believe others would truly enjoy the book, given a chance.

Outside my window, above the hill with my little Tuscany, the sky that was clear and turquoise just days ago is punched with dark clouds. The temperature has dropped. February is here.

- PJ

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