Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thinking & Rocking vs. Clicking

Last year at this time I was clicking, counting down to my departure for France, with only one click left. This year, I’m considering when I should end my publishing attempt, and this blog. No rush, but I will be setting a deadline. I did that once, in 1987, with music; when I knew my goal wouldn’t be realized, I quit, and made another career for myself.

Clearly, this situation is not the same. In 1987, I faced a career choice that would affect the rest of my life. Now my decision is: am I wasting my time? What to do, that’s more productive?

For now, I still believe in Half Italian, and I still enjoy this blog. No responses yet to my recent email queries, or the one to France magazine, last June. Who knows what the folks at Travelers’ Tales will think of my submissions? I won’t know that until sometime next year.

Ever heard of “Castle Rock” by Ernie Fields? I wonder how long it took for that to come out on 45?

- PJ

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