Thursday, August 12, 2010


Responses to my hardcopy queries are trickling in. Yikes, two were returned as undeliverable. Are agents' lives becoming as unpredictable or unstable as the book business itself? Agents say they're overwhelmed by the amount of queries they receive. I'm curious to know the percent breakdown by category -- just what is everybody writing about?

I wait for more replies. And while I'm waiting, Carol Drinkwater's "The Olive Farm" is keeping me company. Those precious few minutes in the morning before work that just weeks ago were filled with proofreading I now spend in Provence, transported mentally by reading her adventures. I return to Provence after work, with my glass of whiskey, looking out the window once in a while at my little Tuscany. As I look, I amusedly think of the dinner guest with whom I shared that view a few months back, who wryly said I must have a good imagination.* Many thanks I have for that!

- PJ

*See 7/17 post.

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