Thursday, November 17, 2011

PERSEVERE, she said

I work, once again, on The Other Half. Good stories, but waning enthusiasm interrupts my typing. I have no pending queries with agents; I assume those I made to travel magazines some months back will remain unanswered. Travelers’ Tales I won’t know about until sometime next year.

But I continue. I still believe these stories have general reading appeal. A newly-retired friend, my earliest friend in Los Angeles, was a member of the group on the recent France trip. Over dinner one evening in Paris, he asked to read Half Italian. This Sunday, I’ll put a copy of the manuscript in his hands.

PERSEVERE, she said.

- PJ

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Dianne said...

You must be feeling more back to normal, post jet-lag, if you are contemplating dusting off the old keyboard again. Glad to hear it! I, too, think you should persevere.

My old publishing friend shudders to hear the word, but have you thought about Amazon and its new program to publish authors themselves? I haven't explored it at all, but I know they are tiptoeing into that world...could be worth looking into?