Friday, November 25, 2011

Praline-Apple Pie

Some years back I ripped a page from Southern Living magazine with a recipe for Praline-Apple pie. You bake a frozen apple pie like it says on the package, pour homemade caramel over the top, and then sprinkle on roasted pecans. The caramel topping is the real thing – sugar, cream and butter – but it’s the consistency of brown sugar candy. The first time I served it, one guest expressed his first bite by slapping the dinner table several times, unable to speak. Ditto on his second and third bites. Yes, the pie is that good, and two were my contribution to Thanksgiving, yesterday.

Caramel in France is superb, particularly when sprinkled with fleur de sel. My friend and travel-companion’s cousin gifted him with two jars of fleur de sel, from Ile de Re. Southern Living’s pie didn’t call for salt, but it received that French touch, thrown on with pleasure. You can see the specks of white.

- PJ


Dianne said...

OK, no fair! I'm sitting here in bed, cup of coffee in hand, and my mouth is watering!

PJ said...

This pie would be perfect with your coffee!