Monday, November 21, 2011


Three from the recent Paris group came to dinner last night. A larger reunion is planned for mid-December, but those last night were treated to Jambon-a-la-crème, Giada’s Peas with prosciutto (with just a splash of sweet Marsala, my touch) and Tarte au citron. The ham with cream sauce is a specialty of my friend and travel-companion’s family, who lived in Burgundy. The peas go with almost anything (Giada, I wish I’d known that you too loved Italian cooking, back in fall 1993, at SMC!) and the lemon tart is my ongoing endeavor to achieve a delicious, marmalade-y dessert.

At the evening’s end, I placed a copy of Half Italian into my one of the guest’s hands, as planned.

- PJ

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