Wednesday, November 2, 2011

All Saints Day II

The group returned home last Saturday; we headed for Bordeaux.

Beautiful buildings in Bordeaux, good window-shopping, walking, restaurants, and a needy woman at every church entrance I saw, with a cup extended. There are few trees and flowers in the area known as the triangle.

Yesterday, we visited the village of St.-Emilion. Forecasts called fifty percent chance rain and when we set off the sky was half blue/half black, with light rain in the black. Was that the fifty percent? But the sun prevailed and St.-Emilion was beautiful. However, it was also November 1. Remembering last year’s All Saints Day (11/5/2010 post) experience in Menton, we hit a grocery store that was open until noon and armed ourselves for dinner in our hotel, just in case.
Two pates, bread, butter, camembert, olives, salad, vinaigrette, wine, and butter cookies. With all this, we abandoned any thoughts to search for an open restaurant, and feasted in our room.

- PJ


Dianne said...

You are a clever boots stocking up for the possibility of no open restaurants! Hope you enjoyed your evening in.

Celebrated Ross's birthday last night with colleagues attending the conference in Long Beach. Back to Oakland tonight, then start the drive to Camarillo on Friday. Seeing your Mom and Carol on Tuesday...can't wait!

PJ said...

"Clever boots" -- I like that! But the knowledge to prepare to dine in came hard-learned, if you read last year's post. (And last year wasn't my first All Saints Day in Europe!)