Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Goodbye, Half Italian?

I’ve decided to make no more agent queries on Half Italian, for the time being. The queries I made last July, at the beginning of this blog, were not my first. As I said in my 2/15/11 post, I’m at 96 submissions.

The professor I wrote about in my 1/3/11 and 1/6/11 posts didn’t sound over-enthusiastic; perhaps that’s my own feelings of discouragement clouding things. He did say he looked forward to learning more about me and my family, but I don’t know whether that was genuine interest or just being polite. It’s now end of May, the month he said he’d be available to read Half Italian, and I don’t want to bring it up again with him.

Then I remember “PERSEVERE” and “Little by little.” Yes, I did commit to persevering, and little by little means small bits of progress and lots of dead ends. As of now, there’s been no progress; I only have hope for future credits from my recent submissions to Travelers’ Tales. That would be progress.

The writer I mention in my 7/24/10 post wrote an article of her thoughts on giving up, saying she’d stay with it until the end. What’s the end, I wonder.

Is this the end? Is Half Italian’s permanent home to be a shelf in my closet?

Not yet.

- PJ

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